Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our Week So Far...Day 4

If at all possible, Lucas always brings his mountain bike on his trips to Austin. The bike trails here are as irresistible as all the other trails.

On Wednesday we decided to take him to an area we had never hiked. The park, Emma Long Metro also has the most treacherous bike trail in the state of Texas.

I was a little worried when we dropped him off because the sign at the beginning of the trail specifically said that the "buddy system" was best for these particular trails. Of course, Lucas didn't even bat an eye at the warning...

I made a mental note of the time we dropped him off and a little request for his safety to the Universe, then we ventured on down to our nature trail hike about a mile down the road.

I have to say that this trail is going on my favorites list. The trail was beautiful and serene. It was shaded and the trail ran alongside the creek with several crossings along the way. There were also small waterfalls along the creek that made it even more peaceful.

Here are some pics of our hike...

Another beautiful day inside and out.

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  1. Such a serene place, if I was closer I would go there to chill out for an hour or two..