Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Day at the Farm - October 17, 2009

Okay, I will be honest. We have been totally skipping school for the past week. I can't say that I am all that comfy with it. Summer on the other hand, seems happy as a pea in a pod. I guess if I had never had to do things that didn't appeal to me I also would be that happy.

I have been doing my best to involve her with daily adult learning activities like measuring, counting, reading, the unschooling handbooks speaks of. It still feels like laziness on my part to just let her do anything she wants to do and call it "learning."

I'm not sure if I can totally embrace the idea of unschooling. I can probably grasp parts of it....but, how in the hell do you learn things like division and multiplication or even what a noun, verb, or adjective without studying it. I just can't see how you can learn certain things without actually being "taught" them.

I rationalized "school" today by attending the Crow's Nest Family Fun Day. The farm is only a mile or two from our house and the farmers there are very friendly AND also homeschooled their children while they were growing up.

Before we left, Summer and I were outside enjoying the beautiful clear, cool day. The neighbor girl, Lesly was outside so we decided to ask her to join us at the farm. Although Lesly is only a year older than Summer, Summer enjoys the company of Lesly's 7 year old brother more often. To put it politely, Lesly is a little too "worldly" for Summer's liking. Summer is still a kid at heart and likes to play. Lesly is more...."mature" if you get my drift.

We had a blast. Here are some picture highlights of our day at the farm.


  1. Wish we would of got a pic of a spider on her head.

  2. Wow, Summer has a snake around her neck. . .just sayin. . .

    LOL. . .I would never have been that brave at her age. I'd probably be able to handle it now.