Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday October 27, 2009

I would love to be able to blog about my day, but I don't have the time tonight. It's 10:00p.m and hubby is downstairs waiting on me to join him for our nightly T.V. time - the only time we have to spend together as a couple.

I also will not get a chance to catch up on my blog tomorrow morning like I sometimes do. After running all of our misc. errands today it got late in the day and I got out of the mode for my weekly grocery store trip.

My a/c went out in my car again and I was ready to get out of the hot Texas sun that was blaring into my car window. So, the gist is that I have to make my procrastinated grocery store trip early tomorrow morning.

I don't want my whole day wasted on "crap" stuff again tomorrow so I will make my trip without the family (which will make it alot quicker and easier.)

We are expecting rain on Thursday so my plan is to get some much needed and wanted outdoor activity in tomorrow after my grocery store trip before the rain shows up again.

But, as we all know plans change.........

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