Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22, 2009....You Won't Believe It!

Yes folks, we stayed home all day long. It's rare for us to hang around the house on Toby's off days. Since Summer and I are usually confined to the house during our school week, we are always ready to get out and do something by our "weekend".

It was raining when I got up this morning so I couldn't really plan any outdoor activity as I had anticipated. I was actually enjoying sipping my morning coffee knowing that I had no expectations for the school, no planned activity, and enjoying a quite house while I chatted with my brother on IM.

My brother is one of the few people I enjoy having conversations with. I should have expected something was up with him though. He immediately informed me I was going to have a good day and had a lot of questions that seemed out of the norm for him.

When he told me I was going to have a good day, my first thought was that I was going to be able to see him somehow or another. Well, I am getting to see him in a sort of a way. Delivered by UPS today was a web best thing to the real thing. :-)

We had spoke about web cams in the past. Toby and I had researched web cams in the past, but I am certainly not an expert on devices of such and although Toby had selected one that may work for us, he didn't seem confident enough in his selection to make me want to rush to the register with it.

After Toby and Summer finally rolled out of the bed, they spent most of their morning outside making stakes for the back of our Halloween tombstones. The wind can get pretty rough at times and we have been known to find our possessions that weren't secured down the road somewhere.

I was very impressed when I walked out to check on them. Toby was sneaking some "schoolwork" in by implementing measurement and multiplication. He also had Summer using the jigsaw. I believe it's good for little girls to be as familiar with power tools and mechanics as it is for a little boy to be with laundry and cooking.

Spending time with daddy must have been very good for Summer. After they got through with the Halloween decorations she disappeared into her room for about an hour...very unusual for her to spend time in her room.

She had cleaned it up spotless! She even dusted. She also had created an imaginary business in there. She had it pretty elaborate - an area for snack food (she had real food in there..pretzels and raw spaghetti for her customers), she had a display of books for us to choose from and an area where we could read them, and she also signed us in and gave us punch cards which she punched out for us on our first visit.

Toby also got a lot of "spring cleaning" done. I think he secretly enjoyed not being dragged out of the house today. As for myself, I also got a lot of chores done I usually don't have time for like mopping, sweeping, and a little "spring cleaning" myself.

It turned out to be a good day just like my brother said it would be.....he ought to be a psychic!

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  1. Sometimes just being in the same house, all doing seperate things is wonderful family time! Glad you had such a nice day.