Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18, 2009

With the weather much cooler in the evenings, we have been sleeping with our windows open. I have to say, even though I love sleeping in a cold room I am not fond of getting out from underneath the warm blankets on a cold morning. It's usually the winter months that I tend to sleep in a little more. I am a bear in the cooler months.

This morning after I dragged myself out from underneath the warm covers I went about my usual routine of making coffee and taking the dog out to pee and poop only to find her huddled in the corner of her cage trying to avoid the little gift she had dropped off during the night....this I am sure is one of the reasons animal kennels were invented.

Once I got upstairs for my next morning ritual of checking my e-mail and forums I got a little surprise. My brother had taken on the chore of transferring our old home movies into Youtube. My trip down memory lane had me shedding both tears and laughter.

My little trip down memory lane left my already raging hormones in a frenzy. I already have had my mom on my mind a lot lately and my nightly dreams have seemed to have consisted of dreams of my grandmother on my dad's side, who I might mention is still alive and well but on her "last leg".

I have ended up making everything a really big issue today. If Toby opts to endure me until "death do us part" it will be a miracle.

My emotions today have consisted of hatred, anger, resentment, gratefulness, happiness, guilt, sadness, and back full circle.

Gotta love them female hormones. Here's hoping for a better tomorrow.

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  1. Eek! Sorry Toby! Believe it or not, I feel your pain.