Thursday, October 1, 2009

These are the Best of Times...

Today was one of those busy days. Busy doing things that need to be done instead of wanted to be done. I had library books due back and also was in search of some I needed for Summer. There are just certain things I would much rather do by myself....going to the library is one of them.

I love the library, but my family does not share that same love. Toby and Summer spent their time distracting me by following me around arguing over who was going to get to play with Toby's Ipod Touch. I finally decided to take control and encourage Summer to find her a book to look at it while I was searching for what I needed. She found a book...a joke book. So, I still was finding it really hard to concentrate because then she was following me around asking me jokes....which I wouldn't ordinarily mind in any other circumstance.

I spent half my morning on the computer trying to find a solution to our scorpion issues. They seem to love to snuggle up under our covers with us at night and hang out in our bedroom. Toby got his first taste of a sting the other night while coming back from a midnight bathroom trip. When I saw the size of the one that stung him I hate to say I was glad it was him and not me this time. This year they seem to be worse than they were last year.

I really like to try and avoid using chemicals if at all possible. So after we left the library we headed to Home Depot in search of something to deter scorpions. Seems there is not much on the market for scorpions. Basically you have to kill their food source to get rid of them......I guess I better get use to our new "room mates" until I can come up with a solution.

Although Toby and I both still had tons of stuff to do when we got home, we had promised Summer a trip to the local park. I'm sure if there had been some neighborhood kids home for her to play with she would have forgotten about the promise.

Although Toby and I were dreading the park trip because of our awaiting to do list, we ended up having a good time. We even took Brandi with us.

Here are the girls sliding...

We walked the train tracks. Summer was having a blast collecting railroad little worry wort was also a little worried about getting stuck on the tracks while a train was coming...

I think Brandi was even enjoying her little excursion...

Sometimes when you expect to find the least amount of fun, you find the most.

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