Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reincarnation As I See It

Most everyone knows of Facebook. It's interesting how everyone wants to be your friend on Facebook. On FB, folks I hardly remember want to befriend me. Other ones that never wanted to be my friend in the past come out of the woodwork. Then there are your estranged family members....family members I never even knew I had. Family members of your spouses family members, friends of friends, etc., etc....

Then there are those few that have befriended me who played a part in my life's memories.

Tonight as I was checking my FB account I came across one of my best friends from grade school. She had posted some new pics so I began to look through them.

I have fond memories of us playing together. We used to build straw houses in the dirt on the playground at recess and lunchtime. We would take the worn soft pine cones from underneath the pine trees and sweep the dirt away to make different rooms of our "house". We looked forward to this activity every day. I can remember it as if it were yesterday.

My friend was black. It's funny how racism is learned. Even though my parents were never outwardly racist and always taught us to judge someone on an individual basis and not by skin color, in the early 70's it was not really acceptable to be hanging out with folks of a different skin color outside of school or church.

We always asked our parents if we could have a sleepover or visit each others home. There was always an excuse from both of our parents why we could not have a sleepover or playdate. Even though my dear friend and I never saw the color of each others skin, our parents did. I never realized until I was older why.....

As I was looking through my old school chums pics, I realized that the person I remembered and knew her to be was not the same person she is now.

That's when I started thinking about how much a person changes throughout their lifetime. From the time we are born to the time we die we can be millions of different people. From they way we look to the way we think we change from day to day, year to year in our lifetime.

If I were talk to my old friend today, although she would resemble the person I remember on the playground, she really is not. Her looks have changed, her thoughts, her ideas, her experiences through life make her a different person from who she was....as it does with us all.

So I ask, is there not such a thing as reincarnation?? Or maybe it should be called transformation.....

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