Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday October 26, 2009

Since Monday is our Friday, I am going to say "Thank God it's Monday." It turned out to be a rainy, wet, cold day so I didn't mind being couped up inside of the house all day. It was a school day and we were expecting the water softener installer.

Around 11ish the installer showed up. I have always been one of those people that wear my feelings on my sleeve, so when I opened the door to the installer all I had to do was look down at his feet and give him the look. He promptly offered to go get some covers for his shoes. Good boy.

Our school day went pretty smooth other than having to listen to the smoke alarms go off due to the installer guy welding pipes to hook up the water softener.

For anyone who cares (Angela), for dinner I made Macaroni Grill Garlic and Herb Chicken Penne. I don't like most boxed meals but the Macaroni Grill ones are pretty good and don't taste "boxy".

Although we had a pretty good school day, because of the installer it was pretty long because of all the interruptions. After dinner all I wanted to do was chill out with Summer and watch a chick flick together.

Other obligations were calling me though. I had to bundle up to get out and attend a 4-H meeting to turn in some info that was due. As I said before, I wear my feelings on my sleeve so I'm sure I appeared to be a crank box....especially since my full intention was to drop off my info and jet out of there only upon arriving to find out that I had not completed Summer's form correctly....grrrrrrrr.

Thank goodness the very nice 4-H leaders are not as bitchy as I am. They walked me through the process and smoothed my feathers down. After our meeting as a treat for our longer than anticipated ordeal, Summer and I treated ourselves to the Sonic down the street.

So now here I am enjoying the rest of my evening and being very grateful that tomorrow won't involve doing anything but exactly what I want to do.....oh, maybe not. I just realized I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow....

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  1. I must admit that I have been absent in reading you blog what with school (I teach two-and-a-half college courses), and between that duty and trying to get the house ready for winter, I have neglected not only your blog but my other blog friends, also. It's not that I don't read blogs, but I require all of my 14 digital students to blog at least once a week, and by the time I wade through those, I'm just not in the mood to read more. I don't know when you changed you blog header pic, but wanted to let you know that I liked it.