Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Early Valentine's Day Celebration

This past year every holiday that has come around Summer has wanted to have a party. She even tries to make up occasions to have parties. She will go as far as making up handwritten invitations and planning the activities. She will then go and tell all the neighbors she is having a party. In the past I have had neighbors show up at the door ready to join her "party".

Recently I have had to fill all my neighbors in and let them know unless they get the invitation from me it's probably not a valid party.

She is definitely not related to her mother when it comes to this form of socialization...I believe it may come from her father who has suggested having parties for different occasions in the past.

Of course I hate parties and do everything to avoid them. Guess who gets to prepare the house for them? Guess who gets to plan the menu and go shopping for the supplies? Clean up afterwards? and on and on. So no, I don't like parties unless I am the attendee that gets to just sit back and enjoy.

The other day when she suggested we have a Valentines Party I couldn't say no. She gets so excited about them and I just didn't to have the heart to disappoint her on an occasion that is meant for love. After all, I knew it didn't have to be anything big to satisfy her. Matter of fact it took very little effort on my part to make it a "party" for her. She was very helpful with the party planning.

A few treats, cupcakes, fancy drinks, and a few of the neighbor kids and she was happy.

Here are some pics of her day:

Summer and her friend Isaac. He lives a few houses down from us. He and his two younger brothers are also homeschooled.

This is Phillipe. I am afraid to say that one day this little boy may be the first one to break my daughters heart. They're good buddies right now though. :-)

Summer and Phillipe found some roly poly's that seem to have them intrigued for a while.

Here is Summer, Lesly,(Phillipe's sis) and Summer.

Summer and Lesly.

Treat time.

I am glad I could be part of my baby girls Valentine party.

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  1. Yay...good job momma! Looked like a perfectly wonderful Valentines party.

    Loved the pics :~)