Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strange Dreams

You know how most people have dreams they remember right when they awake, but slowly forget as the day wears on? In fact, some of us don't even remember our dreams at all.

I for one, always remember my dreams. So much so, that every morning when I awake it is my first goal to recall my dream from the night before. Upon waking, I will decide if it is a dream worth remembering. This is not a hard task at all. Some end up being very vague, and quite honestly, ridiculous. These are the dreams that slowly fade into oblivion.

But some dreams, like the one I had the other night are still very clear in my mind. I often wonder what it is that makes us remember some dreams so clearly and others slip so easily from our mind.

Here is a summary of my dream the other night:

I was sitting on my front porch chair. All of my neighbors were out and about chatting with each other while the kids were running around playing.

Slowly it started to quickly turn to dusk. All of a sudden I heard a noise in the sky. When I looked up it was a small airplane flying above my house. Not knowing much about airplanes I guess you would call it a twin engine. It was black and it had shiny gold bars trimming the wings and the front windshield area.

As I watched the airplane in the darkening sky it started slowly descending closer to the house, just above the roof. It began to hover like a helicopter. The more I watched it the more I noticed it was moving closer to me, to where I was sitting on my front porch. In an odd way, I knew it was watching me.

It slowly hovered closer and closer to me. All of a sudden it changed form into a sort of movie projector shape with a periscope-like shaped view finder. It carefully landed on the edge of my roof. When it landed, at first I couldn't see it but I instinctively knew that it had landed on my roof.

By this time it was totally dark. I wasn't scared at all but I was totally aware that it was still there lurking somewhere on the top edge of the roof of my house. I then heard a noise and when I looked up towards the edge of the ceiling of my front porch I saw the scope looking directly at me.

It was rather intimidating for an object to be that close to me, observing me...especially an object that had human characteristics. I then heard another odd noise and saw a "human" emerge from the door of the object. "He" was then directly on my porch in front of me. What emerged was in fact a human.....but not of the world that I am familiar with.

He/it started to communicate with me. At this point in the dream I must have awoken because I have no memory of the conversation that took place with the being.

Coincidentally, this dream came a few nights after there was a strange occurrence in our sky here in Central Texas. Sunday, there was a strange object reported flying through the sky by many Austinites and other areas of central Texas. One of the speculations was that is was falling debris from the collision of two satellites in space, or that it was a large meteor.

No, I was not one of those Austinites who witnessed the flying object but I did see the video on T.V. Here is a link if you haven't seen it already.

And no, I do not think my dream had anything to do with unexplained fireballs falling from the sky.:-)

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