Saturday, February 14, 2009

What To Do With All Those Pictures?

My friend Angela and I have decided that we want to make our girls a homeschool yearbook. The idea came from my former homeschool group in Alabama. I have two years of Summer's memory filled homeschool yearbooks from her first years of homeschooling on our bookshelf. Summer and I love to periodically thumb through them and let the photos take us back to the memories of our first years into our homeschool journey.

When I presented the idea of a homeschool yearbook to Angela she immediately jumped on board. We are now in the process of going back and gathering our pictures of our homeschool get togethers for the year 2008.

As I was going through my box of burned picture discs, I came across my families older pic CD's from the early 2000's.

Of course I couldn't help but to pop the oldest one in the drive and start reminiscing. I must have spent an hour or more looking at old photos I had not seen in a few years.

Being the photo fan that I am I couldn't help but think how all those wonderful family pics were just wasting away on a disc....never to be seen unless they are pulled out randomly for whatever reason.

I also have a box of old family photos I inherited when my mom died. They are crammed together in a box wasting away only to be pulled out once in a blue moon.

I keep asking myself..what can I do with all these pictures? How can I display my favorites in a creative, useful way?

I love my family photos to surround me so I do have a large collection of photos randomly displayed throughout my home. I have often wondered how odd it may seem if I covered my walls with wall to wall picture collages. To me, there is no better artwork than the photos from our life displayed for us to admire everyday.

As I scoured disc after disc of family photos I wondered....there has to be a way to display all of those memories. I love the idea of photo there a such thing???

And of course being the photo lover that I am, I couldn't end this post without attaching a few of my favorites I have recently uncovered from the past...


  1. great photos! i have been wondering the same for years now. I have tons of photo albums, tons of boxes of photos, tons of online albums at Kodak Gallery and Flickr and tons of backup discs :)

    I wish there was a really neat way to organize it all. In my house I do have photos everywhere. It's the only thing I have on my home interior type stuff. My long hall is covered with black frames and my favorite photos. I just seem to have run out of wall space ;)

    Finding out "what" to do with them all is definitely something I'll be working on this year.

    Love your school year book idea, too!

  2. aw, I loved all the pictures!
    It seems like I have seen someone make wallpaper out of a photo before on some reality TV show.

    But, you could always scrapbook your pictures, or just put them in regular photo albums. Then just keep the albums where you can get to them anytime. Have you ever tried your hand at scrapbooking? You can make some really beautiful pages to put your photo's on.