Saturday, February 7, 2009

Laura's Week.....

I have been somewhat overwhelmed the past couple of weeks. With Toby and his new tattoo job hours and still keeping part-time hours at Siddons it has left me with much time on my hands....which has a bittersweet effect. I don't see him during the week at all except for during sleeping hours and when he comes in to shower, eat, and dart out the door for the next job...the bitter part.

On the flip side the only two people I have to worry about satisfying during the week are Summer and I...the sweet part. I find myself getting resentful and selfish sometimes and have to snap myself back into reality and think..Do you really want to go to work and lose out on the opportunity to homeschool your child or do you want stay home and take care of the household and raise the child??? Of course I pick the latter and be thankful that I have a husband that is willing to do anything to make our household function on an old fashioned level.

We do still have our weekends to spend doing the fun family stuff, but lately somehow those days get spent letting him get some much needed sleep and running around town doing errands that he somehow forgets to get me to do during the week.

This morning I was flipping through the circulation of "Austin Family" searching for a Saturday activity. I love this mag that comes out once a month and always make sure that I grab a copy at the beginning of each month. I can see why Austin got voted one of the best cities to raise a family. It is chock full of activities for every much so, that I get really overwhelmed when I look at them. Like a kid in a candy store I just can't decide on what event or activity I will end up doing. I never realized what a stressful thing this would be for me..but it is. I have never been offered so many choices.

While scanning through the magazine this morning I got so aggravated with all the choices to do for the day that I just chose an old favorite from Mobile. Michael's Craft Day it was. Summer has always loved the Michael's craft day and I rather enjoy it myself. While Toby was doing a little "art" shopping Summer and I made beaded jewelry.

Aside from today this past week was spent with our usual playdate, school, grocery store trip, and hanging out at the house. Here are some highlights:

Who can't be grateful that you can practice reading in your P.J's at noon?

Or explore music on the Casio while relaxing on the trampoline in the warm sun?

There is an endless supply of rocks here. The girls main focus at this particular park always seems to be rock collecting and categorizing. It's really funny to watch them try to keep the toddler park goers from wanting to add to their...or destroy, their collections.

Enjoying a tree at the park.

I have never really known what the purpose of these bars are for. Maybe just the child's imagination:

One stolen frozen moment in time. I believe if more dads were willing to freely love their daughters as depicted in this pic some of us wouldn't be as "fucked up" as we are.

I save my favorites for last:

Enjoying an evening sunset on the trampoline:


  1. AHHHHH. .What a great life, huh?? I am grateful everyday to get to experience those kinds of moments with my kids, too. I mean. .Just LOOK how content and happy that little face of Summer's is. Makes it all worth it, huh??

  2. I really enjoyed your week at a glance! I love how we get to live in the moment with you through photos.

    I agree with is a great life!

  3. Those two bars are called parallel bars and used in gymnastics. Of course, most kids and adults don't know how to use them. Definitely, they are the first piece of recreational equipment I would learn to live without at the park.