Friday, February 27, 2009

Memories From the Past - 1978 cont'd

Although I was very controlled by my "love", the one area of my life that he had no true control of were my days at school. I did my best to keep my social life to a minimum which was very easy. I was shy, insecure, and emotionally abused. It never even entered my mind that any other boy would ever be interested in me until that day in 10th grade.

His name was Rick Vaughn. If my memory serves me correct, he had been transferred in the middle of the year from an area public school to the private school I was attending.

I didn't really find him physically attractive at all but he had a confidence about him that made him alluring. Although I tried to avoid his gaze for the most part he was very insistent on conversing with me....which made me very nervous. All I could think about was what Duncan would do if he ever found out.

Rick seemed alot more mature than the rest of the 10th grade boys. This may be inappropriate, but one of the things I remember most about him was that he was very well hung. I know this because when he dressed out for P.E he wore those tight short P.E. shorts that were popular in the 70's era. My friend Tracie and I would always giggle and talk about his "package" and blush profusely when he approached us to talk while he was wearing them.

Rick made it a point to seek me out everyday in school. I began to look forward to his kind attention. He would give me cards with different Barry White lyrics written on them. I always made a point to keep these well hidden in my locker.

At one point, Rick asked me where I lived. I gave him the vicinity of the area I lived just to be polite. Somehow or another he found out my exact address.

I'll never forget that evening when he came rolling into my driveway in his 1970's El Camino. Duncan I were sitting outside on my front porch like we usually did every evening for the past couple of years.

With Rick's attention I had become only a little more rebellious in my relationship with Duncan, but when Rick drove up and I saw it was him I was in panic mode. I soon realized Duncan was more in a panic than I was. Wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans, Rick sauntered up very confidently and said hello to me. I was scared stiff and very uncomfortable. He then turned to Duncan and proceeded to introduce himself.

Of course, Duncan wanted no part of introductions. Duncan was not familiar with anyone that was not scared of his controlling, abusive, demeanor. In a desperate measure, he marched straight to my back door and knocked on it. Of course, since I was trying to get rid of Rick I didn't know what was actually going on with Duncan.

This is the story that my mom told me with great satisfaction;

She said when she answered the door Duncan was very frazzled and upset. He said.."Do you know who your daughter is out there with?!" Mother told him she didn't care as long as it was not him. :-)

After that night I think Rick decided that I was not attainable and had way too much baggage for him to deal with. He soon was pursuing another female of interest at school. As for me, I had alot of explaining to do to Duncan.

Rick was not at all my type, but I have to admit I missed having a normal teenage boy showing me attention. Although it would be 3 more years before I would break free of the "Duncan" cycle, Rick was the beginning of my independence.

My mom relished in this story often with great appreciation. Rick was the first person that ever stood up to Duncan. That night gave my mom ultimate satisfaction. I have to admit I was pretty impressed with Rick's accomplishment myself.

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