Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lost.....and Found

Anyone that keeps up with my blog knows that a couple of weeks ago the ring I inherited from my mother went missing off of my finger.

Most hopes of ever finding my ring were lost. For whatever reason I really believed I had lost my ring in Walmart, therefore had no real hopes of ever finding it again.

There was still a small part of me...the hopeful part, that thought I just might be reunited with the ring again one day. Over the past couple of weeks I have periodically looked behind beds, underneath my computer desk, down the sink drain, etc.

Even though I looked, I never really thought I would ever see the ring again. It's kind of like a drowning person. Even though they know they are drowning they still try to hang on to life with all their might in hopes they will survive. Like me and my ring, I felt it was gone but I still kept searching anyway in hopes that it would show up.

Well, I guess it shows that no one should ever give up hope 'cause sometimes that's all you have.

Here is what happened.....

I looked out my office window and felt the need to go outside and see what all the birds were singing about.

It was a perfect day.....75 degree temps, not a cloud in the sky, and a very light breeze.

I walked around my yard admiring the yard work Toby and I had done this past weekend and enjoying the break from my everyday routine. Before I walked back inside I stood at my back door for a last glance at the blue sky and soaking up the warm sun on my face.

To the universe, or God, or whatever technical name you want to give it/he/she, I gave thanks for such a beautiful day and the wonderful family and home I have to share it with.

As I turned to walk into my back door a bright glistening light caught my eye. I looked down and there it was! Right up against the house at the back door. How many times in the past couple of weeks I had passed it up and never saw it...until this beautiful day that I was giving thanks for everything I had.

I quickly picked it up, cried tears of thanks once again and went inside to enjoy the rest of the day doing my daily tasks.


  1. Oh wow! I'm so glad you found it! Now you have an interesting story to pass down to Summer as well!!

  2. Oh, yeah...one more thing...I am noticing the fabulous temperature thingy on your page. What're you trying to do, rub it in??? It's 61degrees INSIDE MY HOUSE right now. Outside we're at twelve.

    Show off!! ;-)

  3. so glad you found it :)

    and yay for the beautiful weather....ours was nearly perfect yesterday, too!

    i had a very similar story about my hubby's wedding ring. he lost it and i found it in the grass about a week or so later as i was washing my car! what are the chances, lol?

  4. I am so glad you found the ring.