Saturday, February 28, 2009

Laziness in the Midst

I am really feeling the effects of lethargy lately. With Toby's busy work schedule the past few months I have managed to work myself into a undesirable routine. I have never been one to like to do things by myself so I have made my home a comfort zone....a little too comfortable. I have been at home so much lately I almost feel like a hermit. I love my home and enjoy it, but I know I need to get out and move more.

The winter months don't help much either. I absolutely despise cold weather so I do my best to stay inside and avoid it when at all possible. Cold weather does not facilitate me to get out and move. The wind factor around here also makes it feel 20 degrees or more colder than it actually is.

Okay, okay, I know these are all lame excuses to be physically lazy, but they are the only reasons I can come up with at the moment. ;-)

Aside from mine and Summer's once a week play date and a once a week grocery store trip that has been the extent of our venturing out the past few weeks...maybe even months.

Summer doesn't seem to mind in the least. She is as satisfied as a "bug in a rug". She has homeschool in the mornings and free time in the afternoons. By the time she has had her "school" day, her neighborhood friends are home from school.

It's not that there is a lack of things to do in Austin, I just can't seem to get motivated lately. I am in a rut and it just seems more comfortable to stick around my comfy home.

It's no secret that I am a middle aged woman. Sadly, I am beginning to feel the effects of lethargy with aches and pains and of course the extra weight around the middle from my new lifestyle.

I need to snap out of it and get moving. Good Luck to me!


  1. I'm currently chock full of lethargy also...most definately weather-related. When the temps and sun are up, we love getting out! But the cold and dreariness, well, *sigh*.