Monday, February 23, 2009

A Small Treat

One of my Christmas gifts from Toby this past Christmas was a pedicure gift certificate. My very generous sister-in-law started my addiction to pedicure's a few years ago when she purchased me my first one in the form of a gift certificate.

I hardly ever splurge on myself. I get a haircut once a year, buy my clothes at the thrift store or Goodwill and only buy cheap blush and lipstick to brighten my slowly aging face.

Please don't feel sorry for me. I do these things by choice not necessity. I am very frugal and would much rather spend my money on things like traveling or other family oriented activities.

Even though I totally LOVE a pedicure, my husband knows that I would never go out and get one on my own, so that was one of his gifts to me for Christmas.

Today I finally got around to going and redeeming it. Thanks to the mild temps in the South, I wear flip-flops year round, so I will be sporting my new toenails immediately.

While I was at the salon I couldn't let my baby girl go without getting some girl treatment so she got her fingernails and toenails done.

To any mom out there with little girls I recommend the salon treatment. It's a great mom and daughter bonding activity. After we had our nails done we grabbed an ice cream. My little girl is emotionally challenging at times, but it's times like these that I feel so blessed to have a have a daughter.

There is a saying...."A son is a son until he takes a wife, but a daughter is a daughter for life." We will see.....

Here are some pics of our nails....

Aren't the flowers on the thumbs so cute??

Of course mama only gets her toes done...I like to keep my fingernails pickable and gnawable.


  1. So purty! Love the flowers :~)

    I have to laugh...your momma/daughter day out consist of girly pedicures & icecream.

    My momma/daughter day out consist of dog pounds & chinese.

    Strikes me as funny...girly vs. tomboyish ;~)

  2. Hey woman! I want a daughter too, dang it! lol. . .You are so right about that saying. I've never heard it before, but now that Benji has a girlfriend, they are always at her house & not here. Her parents say that is how it should be. :( I've been feeling like I'm losing my baby to her & her family. So, anyone got any daughters for sale? lol. . .

  3. YAY!! I love pedicures too but am like you in that it is a rare occasion that I get one. You are inspiring me to grab my girlie and do likewise. She and I did that for her birthday probably 4 years ago and she STILL talks about it. She DOES have a birthday coming up in April. . .I think we may have to do it again!!