Friday, February 20, 2009

My Day at H-E-B

I just couldn't go without posting about my day today.

Menu planning and grocery store trips have always been my downfall and the most stressful areas of my stay-at-home/homeschooling mom life.

Before I moved to Texas I had always been a Walmart shopper. I know, I know everybody hates Walmart...even me, but it was the most economical place to shop for me, so that's the store that I endured..and I do mean endured.

When I moved to Texas, I resumed my shopping in Walmart..that is until I discovered H-E-B. I LOVE this grocery store. Shopping in H-E-B is almost a pleasant experience. The variety is endless. Any ingredient you ever wanted is located in this store AND the best thing about it is it has the best prices in town.

H-E-B's are located on every corner here. I have two main H-E-B's that I shop at depending on what part of town I am in.

Well, today I hit my what I call the "ghetto" H-E-B. And I mean ghetto in the fact that it's not the fanciest one in town. Most of the H-E-B's here are central markets, meaning they have small eating areas with deli areas placed randomly about the stores and maybe an ice cream shop or other attached eating "facility" to them.

Well, today Summer and I decided to hit a favorite thrift store of ours and try to get a head start on our Spring/Summer attire. We hit the jackpot and left the store with a bag of clothing for $10! Boy, I love bargain shopping.

Anyway, after our thrift store trip we headed to H-E-B to grab a few necessities before the weekend.

I had my list and all was going well at first until I realized that everything in the dairy and frozen section was turned backwards...I mean EVERYTHING! Instead of seeing the front of the merchandise I was looking at the backs. It was like somebody stocked everything reverse of the way they should sit on the shelf!

Grocery shopping is not fun for me in the first place...much less when I have to turn everything around to see what the product is. To boot, I was already tired from my thrift store shopping and ready to just grab my stuff and get home.

I should also mention that for some reason or another Summer was on a thousand question binge, so on top of having to decipher backwards grocery store items I was having to answer inquisitive questions from 7 year old.

Anyway, I thought maybe there was some sort of festival going on that I didn't know about that might be called "backwards day".

After having to turn everything around so that I could see the name of the product that I was searching for....which took an extra long time I might add...I headed to the checkout.

At the checkout Summer pointed out that all the magazines were turned backward and upside down in their racks!

I don't know if somebody considered this a cool joke or the stocker for the day was just dyslexic. Either way, it made my shopping experience an "experience"

Needless to say, by the time I made it home I had felt like I had been through a rat maze.


  1. That sounds awful and like a bad dream. .Yet this story is hilarious from where I'm sitting. .WHY on earth would they do that in a grocery store???? !!

  2. LOL, cackle, "snort"...HA HA HA...

    Being from a LONG line of practical jokers this post tickles my soul...hee, hee.

    I frequently go to my moms house and turn MANY things around and upside down before I leave...ha, ha, roflmao!

    Sorry Laura...I'm sure it was challenging...but somebody sure did work hard to pull this off. Probably some disgruntled employee who knew this was their last night there...

    LOVE IT!

  3. Hee hee! I am *still* chuckling about this! I don't mean to sound unsympathetic, but I think this is hilarious! What an odd experience! I agree with Candy..definitely sounds like a disgruntled employee! You know...a final F U to the Man!

    Ah...I desparately needed this laugh today!

  4. Too funny. Did you question the manager about it?