Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Eve Playdate

We had our weekly play date today. Since it was the day before Valentines Day I decided to extend our celebration from yesterday into today. We ate cupcakes and exchanged valentines.

My good friend Angela is a week away from her due date of her third child. I'm sure our play dates will be postponed for a couple of weeks after her delivery. It will be a very exciting time for her and her family and I am excited for them but another part of me will miss our weekly get together and the change in our weekly get together routine.

Things change and I will adjust. Speaking of change, it seems life has been full of changes the past year or so. Toby's hours at his new tattoo shop stay in constant change....therefore I have to constantly change my schedule. Being a creature of habit this isn't an easy task for me but it does get easier as the months go by.

Somehow all this change is exhilarating. Change IS good.

On with the day...after playing awhile the girls decided they were ready for their cupcakes. What child can't resist a decorated chocolate cupcake??

Jaiden, Angela's little one, had some leftover's that one very curious red squirrel was more than happy to take care of:

Life is Good.

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