Monday, February 16, 2009


The public schooled kids next door were out of school for President's Day today. Summer still had school today but after "class" I allowed her to go outside and enjoy the day with her friends.

While she was outside playing I used my time wisely by getting on my computer to catch up on preparing her weekly lessons, weeding out old e-mails, and going through my old pics on disc for a new project I am contemplating, and of course, surfing.

I always keep the blinds to my study open when it's not 100 degrees outside. As I was working away my little dog who is always by my side, started barking. I was so busy that night time crept up on me without me even noticing.

I turned and located her within the room to see what she was barking at. It seemed that she was barking toward the open blinds. I picked her up in my arms so she could get a better view of her perceived offensive subject.

I am on the top floor so I know that she is seeing nothing but the sky or the tops of the neighbors houses. I soon realized that she was barking at the reflection of me in the window. She thought I was somebody looking in the window.

As I sat holding her in my arms while she barked relentlessly at the "stranger" I couldn't help but think how we all see things that really aren't there.

How many times have we seen that shadow lurking in the closet that we just knew was a monster ready to take us when we fell asleep or our friend that is having a bad day and is a little distant is mad at us for some unknown reason or another.

How many times have we made up scenarios in our head and perceived them to be real. Mirages...things that we think are real that are not. How much of life is really real I wonder.

In reality, I guess nothing is real...unless of course you perceive it to be real.


  1. Whoa girl...that's some pretty deep thinking!

    I sure feel life is pretty doggone real! But I gotcha on the dark shadow lurking in the corner, at 42 I still get the hair on my neck standing at attention at night...I HATE the dark! (Whole body shudder!)

    Oh...and I know that cricket that escaped from the cricket farm is real! He's driving me batty with his noise!

  2. Oooh...deep thinking indeed! I totally understand this post and find myself wondering the exact same thing at times :)

  3. You are becoming quite the writer!