Sunday, February 8, 2009

Memories From The Past....How I Knew He Was The One. (Part 1)

Realistically nobody ever really knows when they marry someone if it will last forever. You can never predict the future..things change and people change. True, our goal under our marriage vows is to stay together "till death do us part." I'm sure that unrealistic marriage expectation is one reason why many people choose to "live in sin."

Don't get me wrong, I do believe that certain people are meant to be together until the end, but then again just as many are not. That piece of paper is just a technicality, not a reality.

After my first marriage I came to the conclusion it's best to live with someone before you marry them. After all, I would never go out and buy a car without first giving it a good test drive and a mechanic once-over. Why should we choose our mates any differently? Unlike a car, they will last forever so you really need to be sure before you sign that contract.

Example: You don't want to end up with someone who has extreme or odd sexual preferences if you prefer the simple stuff, or you're a compulsive neat freak and he's a total slob. I have witnessed many marriage disasters based on these two simple parameters. There are many more marriage mishaps that happen from not "test driving" your "vehicle" before you drive it...I only mentioned some obvious ones.

So, by now am sure you have guessed that I lived with my current beloved hubby for a year before we "tied the knot". Honestly, we probably would have lived happily ever after in sin together till the end, but both of our mothers weren't as satisfied with our living arrangements as we were. So to satisfy the moms we were united in Holy Matrimony January, 10, 2000.

Quite honestly after a year of "living in sin" I already knew he was the one anyway. One particular event that took place sealed the deal for me. Ready?.....

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  1. Ummm...yeah I'm ready! You brat, I can't believe you're doing this!