Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How You Know You Are Getting Older.....Or Just Wiser.

I will be turning the ripe old age 45 years old this coming July. Having an almost 8year old little girl tends to make you look back on your own young life. So many times she will say or do things that take me back to a time that is a mirror image of my thoughts or feelings at her age.

No this is not always a good thing. Mostly a distressing thing. No, my daughter has never molded well....just as I never did. Like her father and I she inherited the being "different" gene.

Through her, I have to live the nightmare of adolescence all over again. I have to constantly keep myself in check and remember that I am the experienced one that has lived and learned. It's so hard not to be pulled back down into the black hole again.

Anyone who has been blessed with these "out of the ordinary" type children knows that God does not like you. Just a joke...almost.

Anyway, we all know that Valentines Day is on it's way. Summer has made the process of exchanging Valentines very technical. It seems it really matters which Valentine each particular person gets, even though in a nutshell, they all say the same thing.

Here are a just a few other observations I have made in my old age:

My hair is no longer an issue to me. If the wind blows it out of place, o'well....that's why someone invented the brush.

Who cares if nobody likes me...I don't mind being by myself.

Say what you want to say...people are going to like or not like you no matter what you say.

I don't feel the need to impress anymore...I want someone to impress me.

I am now smart enough to know that money is not everything but it sure does matter when you don't have it.

People that are religiously over zealous are mostly that way so they can convince themselves they believe what they have been taught to believe....poor souls.

Just because someone is your "blood" does not make them a pertinent part of your life.

You can never really judge someone unless you have walked in their shoes. It's very easy to judge someone when you have never lived what they have lived. Rules always change if you were to live their life.

Some people are just born lucky....I don't care what "The Secret" says.

EVERYBODY has a vice so never let anyone tell you that you have a problem...because they do to.

I can now say "no" without feeling guilty.....people will milk you for everything they can.

Only those that are capable of scamming can get scammed....honest people can see the signs of dishonesty.

And last but not least, do one thing every day that scares you....just so you know that when you die earthly life was not a total waste.

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