Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Changing the Pace

Yesterday we made plans to go to Deep Eddy Pool today. When I awoke this morning the thoughts of going to yet ANOTHER pool was depressing. Although pools are one of Toby and Summer's favorite activities, they aren't especially mine.

I much prefer to be out in nature walking around or sightseeing some new destination. I brought up the suggestion of doing something a little different today and they agreed...probably because "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

I decided upon Bastrop State Park. I have been wanting to check this place out for awhile. There was a little of something for everyone there. Swimming holes for Toby and Summer and nature for me. I also wanted to check out their camping for the fall....that is if we ever get this burn ban we have had going on for the past two years lifted.

We also would be traveling through Elgin to get to our destination. I figured we could stop off and eat some tasty barbecue for lunch. There was another barbecue place in Elgin that we have been wanting to try....Meyer's. And the winner is........Southside Market. Although Meyer's was very tasty, Southside Market has a better smoked flavor to their meat....for anyone who ever may be traveling through Elgin, Texas. :-)

After we had our bellies nice and full we headed on to the state park. We weren't exactly sure where it was. We noticed a sign that said Bastrop Lake so we assumed that it was a part of the state park. It wasn't but it was a pretty cool place. It reminded me a little of Old St. Stephens in Alabama.

Here are some pics of Lake Bastrop...

Toby hiding out in the shade while Summer and I investigate the water...

Once we found out that Lake Bastrop was not located in the state park, we moved on. We finally found the state park just a mile past the lake.

They had some really cool stone cabins at the state park. I didn't even think about snapping any pics of them I was too busy lusting after them imagining how cool they would be to spend a Christmas in one year...maybe this year. :-)

Oh and look here! We got to swim in a pool after all....yipee! I have to admit this pool was a pretty cool one to swim in. Of course once Toby and Summer spotted the pool there was no moving on. Here are some pool pics....

After the "kids" wore themselves out at the pool we went BACK to Lake Bastrop to finish checking out the camping and lake area. Here are some pics.....

This is the first tangible tether ball game Summer had ever seen. Toby demonstrated how the game was played.....who do you think won???

We finally had enough fun for one day and headed home to rest and relax. Sometimes I think I have died and gone to heaven. :-) Maybe not....but I am still very grateful for the good times.


  1. Hey, I know a place to camp! No burn ban here, lucky to find dry firewood......

  2. Thanks for mentioning Old St. Stephens. I had been there before on a surveying job. It made a big impression at the time, but I never got a chance to visit recreationally. As time went by, I tried to remember the name and where it was, but couldn't for the life of me remember. I am suffering from CRS - Can't remember stuff.