Friday, July 17, 2009

Let's Talk Pack Rat

When my mother passed several years ago, I inherited a few of her things. A few pieces of furniture, some kitchenware, her car and......clippings of pictures out of magazines and recipe clippings. No, not just a few clippings, but years worth of accumulated clippings.

My mother had an obsession with saving things that she thought she could be creative with. For instance, she would also cut little jokes out of magazines and save them to put in birthday cards.

I hate to say that as of late, I have adopted that same obsession. I have never been a pack rat sort but since the recognition of recycling I have found myself looking at "stuff" in a different way. Every time I go to throw something away, I think hmmmm.....could this be used for something else? Or how I could use something to make something else useful, or what kind of art project could I make out of this??

Aside from numerous mounds of picture clippings out of magazines, I collect lids from milk jugs, bottle caps, etc. While at the Children's Museum last week I noticed they had made some very cool artwork from their lids and caps....

I have collected a whole bin full of jars and containers that I plan on doing some sort of holiday crafts with...

Here's a pretty cool way I found to display the mounds of artistic expressions Summer creates.....

I guess I just woke up feeling a little crafty this morning. :-)


  1. I go through stages of collecting, then stages of purging...... Am I a junk bulimic?

  2. Ha ha! A junk bulemic! I love it!

  3. Very cool! How inspiring that you are looking at everyday objects and instead of throwing them away, looking for a new way to use them. Love it.

  4. After moving two times in the same year, I learned toss as much junk as possible. Going through ALL the household junk not once but TWO times was a little slice of hell. I don't wanna go through THAT again!

    If ya want, I can send mine in the mail to you as I come across it!!!!

  5. What are those page protectors? cool idea for displaying art besides on the frig. I will be using this during the school year.