Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Did I Do Today?????

This post is probably more for my very inquisitive friend Angela than anyone...so here's to you Angela. I know you like the play by play day posts so I will do my best to give a rundown of my day from the moment I opened my eyes this morning until...well, whenever...

My eyes popped open around 6:00a.m. I layed there for a while contemplating my day, watching Toby sleep, and giving thanks to whoever or whatever for everything I have. This is usually my mental routine every morning before I drag myself out of the bed.

Once I staggered out of the bed around 7:00a.m, I grab Brandi out of her cage, give her plenty of morning hugs and kisses and head out the door with her so she can relieve herself. While Brandi is doing her business I inspect my yard for any disturbances....chewed up baby diapers, dead animals, anything out of the ordinary.

Once I get back inside with the dog, I make myself a cup of coffee and go back outside to sit and drink it. This is something I just recently have started doing. It seems to be the only time of day I can completely be alone with myself undisturbed, enjoying the morning wildlife and enjoying the cool breeze that only the early mornings bring in the Summer.

After I finish my cup of coffee, I head back inside and up the stairs to my best friend...my computer. I check my e-mail, facebook, my homeschool groups, my blog, and anything else that strikes my interest for the day. This morning I got enthralled in a site called Animoto. I was also messing around with a site called Picnik. I guess you could say pictures is another one of my hobby's. I love being creative with my pictures.

Around 9:30-10:00a.m. my family began to stir...yes, they unlike me, like to sleep the morning away. Toby I can understand because he works late into the night, but Summer has no excuse. I guess she is getting in the practice of being a teenager.

Anyway, once they arose I made breakfast for them and Toby and I had our morning conversations while Summer ate her breakfast and watched T.V. After breakfast I did a few chores to take up time while Toby and Summer poked off....as they usually do in the mornings. I had a few errands I wanted to run today and they are never in any hurry to get out the door.

Once we finally made it out of the house it was 1:00p.m. I really hate getting out of the house that late but.....

Our first stop was Best Buy. Summer and I sat in the car while Toby ran in to check some prices on some printers. Our next stop was Toys R Us. Summer wanted to spend her allowance on something useless. Next on to Target where we took back some headphones Toby had bought for his computer. We also grabbed a bite to eat in Targets snack bar while we were there.

After Target we went to Walmart where we bought an electric hedge trimmer, a couple of grocery items and some necessities for our trip to Mobile next week.

Oh....and we stopped into Fantastic Sams for Toby and Summer a haircut.

By the time we had all of our errands finished it was 4:00p.m.

When we got home I heated up some fresh green beans and potatoes. While Toby and Summer were upstairs setting up her new computer game, I sat downstairs eating my dinner while reading my latest book A Wrinkle in Time.

After Toby got Summer set up with her game he came downstairs and took his afternoon siesta.

After Summer bored of her game I went to my "best friend" where I sit right now writing my daily blog.

While I was trying to write my blog Summer and Toby were playing "monster". Here are a couple of shots of them playing monster...

I will go ahead and tell you how the rest of the evening will go. Toby is off tonight, so he and I will sit down around 10:00p.m after Summer is in bed and watch our nightly movie....which I think will be The Knowing.

That's it....that is my day in a nutshell.


  1. Busy day of a mom with kids home for the summer. It sounds great, actually.

  2. Well, personaly I too love the moment to moment daily drive thru of you life :~) It helps me to feel more connected.

    Looking forward to your visit! You DO have a day picked out for freinds, yes?!?

  3. That is exactly what blogs used to be.

  4. Thanks for the blog mama =). Sounds like a good, full day. How was the movie?

  5. I am so proud that Toby knows how to play with Summer. I don't have very many memories of daddy playing with us but Summer will have so many of her playing with her daddy. I love the "monster" coming up the stairs

  6. Sweet.....enjoy this episode of your life.

  7. BTW which hair of Summer's got cut, it doesn't look any shorter? ha ha

  8. Wrinkle in Time is one of my favorites and Madeline L'engle is one of my favorite authors. I like seeing the day to day rundown too!