Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Very Busy Day

I titled this blog post "A Very Busy Day" but in reality every day lately has been very busy. Being busy has a sort of love/hate relationship in my opinion.

So anyway, today we decided to take Toby to the waterpark in Pflugerville. We arrived around 11:00a.m. Unlike our first visit to this particular waterpark, the water was freezing. With the high temps, Toby and I immediately got acclimated to it, but Summer shivered the whole 3 hours we were there. I don't know how with the blazing sun at 100 degrees, but she is and always will be my strange one. :-)

After we left the waterpark we treated ourselves to some Taco Cabana. Taco Cabana is one of my favorite Mexican eating establishments. We have been running hard all week so we decided to head home and relax a little....well, that was my intention anyway.

Summer remembered that we had bought some treats to make for July 4th. I decided that I wanted to get the treats made and out of they way before it got too late. I ended up being in the kitchen much longer than I wanted to be after my already active day at the waterpark.

Here is a pic of our treats we made. They are "ice cream" cones made from cake mix, icing, and ice cream cones. Of course, I am not Martha Stewart so the picture out of the magazine was much fancier than what I made them to be. It didn't matter to the kids...they were promptly devoured.

Since my oven was already on heating up the house, Toby and I made some homemade chex mix. I would say they turned out decent. Next time we will tweak the recipe just a little.

By the time I finished up in the kitchen I was cranky. I had worked overtime and it had caught up with me.


  1. Isn't it funny how working in the kitchen can make one cranky. It always does that to me no matter how enjoyable the food turns I'd much rather someone else make the food =).

  2. Bless you, there is nothing like working in a hot kitchen on a hot day, it makes me grumpy too...