Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hump Day

Last night my brother IM's me as he sometimes does. My brother and I are close in age and have tried to maintain a close relationship for the past few years. It's really not that easy when you live countries apart, but we do our best to keep in a long distance kind of way.

Anyway, my brother lives in Vietnam. He will be arriving for his usual yearly visit to the states this week.

On his last IM to me before he left for the states, he had a plan and it was a mighty appealing one. He just so happens to have some extra flight vouchers that need to be used before they expire soon. He offered to let us use them to fly to Mobile during the month he will be visiting Mobile.

I can't tell you how excited I got about the offer. Just in case I have never said this before I will say now. I have the most generous brother in the world. Although I am the oldest, he has always been the oldest in maturity...probably still is. :-)

Anyway, In the past I have researched what it would cost to fly us all three to Mobile. We could afford it, but somehow I just can't justify spending that amount of money on a trip to Mobile for only a couple of days. It all goes back to the scarcity thing I have going on......

Get this...when I first presented the idea of flying to Mobile to Summer she started crying and said she didn't want to leave Texas and go to Mobile. I think I have joked around with her too much about leaving Texas and moving back to Mobile.

I literally had to bribe her with spending money and the promise of a trip to the beach when we get there to get her on board with the idea....and just in case I have never said this before....I have the most difficult daughter in the world. My mother always told me I would get paid back for the torture I put her through....she was right.

Anyway, as long as everything flows the way it is intended, we will be taking a trip to Mobile in the very near future...

It will be nice to see my brother and his family and the few family members that I left behind there. I'm also excited about flying again. The last time I was on a jet plane I was 17 years old and headed to ironic.

In other news, after we got back from our daily errands we drove into our driveway and I spotted something black and furry underneath our trampoline. At first it appeared to be crumpled up clothes or something of the sort. I then noticed it moved.

Obviously another dog has lost it's owner on our street. She was about the ugliest dog I had ever seen. I didn't really mind her hanging around. She seemed to be to old to gnaw on stuff. She was even a little lazy, which Brandi was glad of.

Here is a pic of her hiding out in our garage to escape the blazing sun....

Hopefully someone will come looking for their beloved pet.


  1. Maybe we could have little visit when you come to Mobile?

    That poor dog looks old, poor thing. Hope you find the owners.

  2. speaking of dogs, is that other one still around?

  3. Keep me posted on this Mobile visit!!! I WANT TO SEE YOU!! You do have an awesome brother! I am laughing about Summer and your bribe. Only because I understand all too well. ;)