Friday, July 24, 2009

Mobile, Alabama 2009 Vacation Highlights - Day One

Unlike my trip back home to Mobile, Alabama last year, this year's trip was perfect! Toby and I really, really enjoyed getting together with family members and being able to spend some quality time with them.

Here are the highlights of my 3 day vacation - compliments of my brother. :-)

DAY ONE - Summer and I were so nervous about the plane ride we couldn't even choke down any breakfast before our first connection into Dallas.

On our first connection we were not able to be seated together. I was really stressed about this because of my daughter's clingy/panicky nature.

Luckily everything turned out to hers and my advantage. She had a very nice man that was seated next to her. He chatted her up right away. He obviously made her feel at ease because I could see her chatting away with him. Although she was not able to sit next to Toby or I, she ended up enjoying her seating companion. I even had the spot next to me come open when the passenger next to me moved to another seat. When I excitedly told her to come sit next to me, she declined and decided to stay sitting next to her original male seat mate. Obviously a seasoned traveler, he was taking the time to explain in detail the flight process and what would be happening next.

On our flight out of Dallas into Mobile, Toby, Summer, and I stayed glued to the window of the plane as much as possible. It was absolutely beautiful to see the earth from a different perspective. The part I loved the most was flying above the clouds. It reminded me of the pictures you see that depict heaven with the clouds being the floor. Matter of fact I had to blink my eyes a few times just to make sure I was not really dead and that it was all real. There is no way I could explain the beauty of it all....only a flight experience could tell.

Once we got into Mobile we grabbed a bite to eat at Krystal. I used to love Krystal and felt the need for some of that good ole' Mobile greasy fast food. Unfortunately, my stomach is out of practice and I ended up feeling a little ill afterwards.

After we ate we visited Toby's grandmother. I really like Toby's grandmother and always enjoy her company. Here is a picture of Summer, Omie, and Sassy (her dog)...

We attempted to go downtown and get us some boiled peanuts from our favorite peanut shop downtown. We had forgotten that Mobile is not an "all night" city and they were closed by 6:00p.m . I got some good downtown shots while we were there anyway..

For dinner we ate at the Original Oyster House. As many cool things Austin has, good seafood is not one of them. Here is Summer looking out onto Mobile Bay from the top of the restaurant.

Here is my attempt at a night shot from the restaurant of downtown Mobile. The view was much prettier than my pic....

After our meal we went to see my son while he was at work. Not knowing when we would be coming into Mobile he had previously taken a few days off for his birthday - which is the day after mine, so he couldn't take any days off while we were there. No worries though, he will be in Austin in a couple of weeks. :-)

Here is a pic of Lucas and Summer at work.....

After our visit with Lucas it was way past my bedtime on top of the fact that I got very little sleep the night before. By the time I got back to my dad's where we were staying it didn't take long before I was snoring away.

Day one - A success!

Stay tuned for day two....


  1. Great! Your son must also be strong AND Hope ya'll have a great time


    Summers friend (you know who)

  2. So glad you had a great time. It's kinda weird to see "my" town on your blog. I could totally live in and visualize your location unlike when you post pictures in and around Texas :~)

  3. So glad you are having a good time! Enjoy your family.

  4. You booger -- I live probably a mile or 2 from the Oyster House. . .I do know how family visits are. No time for anything extra. You went to more places on your vacation than we have since being back for 6 years!