Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just a Few Extra Vacation Highlights in Pics

My favorite Mobile bird...the Ha ha as we call them. Their technical name is the Laughing Gull. I miss these birds.....

Downtown Mobile. Nothing big, but cool in a quaint sort of way. Maybe I am just partial.:-) Mobile has the potential to be a great city with a lot to offer. I haven't figured out who's fault it is that it isn't....the city officials or the residents.

The tunnel. It was always cool to drive thru when were kids. My kids always enjoyed driving through it too....

Fort Conde. This was always one of Summer's favorite places to go when we lived in Mobile. When she was younger, there is no way we could go downtown without taking a visit to Fort Conde. Funny how she passed right by it this time without even a second look....almost sad.

In front of the Exploreum...

The Holiday cruise ship that ports in Mobile. We took a cruise on this ship in 2005. Another great vacation memory!

The old railroad station. Another wasted beautiful building in Mobile. Why not make this old building some sort of attraction for the city????? The place has been only housing rats, roaches, spider webs, and probably some homeless folks for the past 100years. A waste....shame on you Mobile.

My family....well most of them. I told you I had a small family. :-)


  1. Love the photos, especially the first one :-)

  2. Enjoyed your trip to Mobile. When I lived in Austin, and my parents lived in Pensacola, I would drive right on through Mobile never stopping. Wish now that I had.

  3. Of all the places in Mobile the tunnel is my least favorite. maybe I just don't like being closed in.