Friday, July 10, 2009

July 9, 2009

Another day at a waterpark! I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record with my post, but I swear it's hot as hell here!

Today we went to the Rock n River in Round Rock. It's a bit larger than the one in Phflugerville. We got there pretty early but the place was already packed full. I really hate crowds and even more so hate crowds of kids. I am a real odd-ball in the fact that I don't like to be around kids...except for my own and a select other few.

Anyway, the waterpark today was not a place to be if you have an aversion to kids. They were wall to wall no matter what pool area I went to. Of course my daughter was having a blast so I didn't want to be the big party pooper by dragging us out of there before we got our $10 worth.

The day was actually very uneventful and I am only posting just for the sake of keep my online diary going.

When I got home and jumped in the shower I went to open up the window to the shower to let the moisture out. I jumped back a little when I saw this little guy staring at me. I guess he was trying to get a little cool air that seeps out of the window. We sometimes forget to close the window back after our showers and the window was cracked a bit.

He's pretty big isn't he?? Remember, in Texas everything is bigger. :-)

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