Friday, July 3, 2009

A Day of Rest

Well, as much rest as I can muster up anyway. I don't require much rest, so after lunch and after we got Toby scooted off to work around 2:00p.m, Summer and I took off for the thrift store. Thrift stores used to be one of my favorite activities in Mobile.

I was actually discussing this subject with Toby yesterday. The highlights of my day in Mobile were the thrift store and the library. I have noticed since I have moved to Texas that I have slowly ventured away from the activities I loved most in Mobile. For some reason I don't get the same excitement as I used to from a thrift store or library that I used to.

I guess there are just too many other options here to entertain my senses. I do sometimes miss the simplicity of the small town life. Maybe one day I will go back to retire in Mobile...along with the rest of the "unproductive contributions to society". People that are from Mobile know exactly "what" I am talking about.

So anyway, Summer and I did our thrift store shopping. We walked away spending only
.66 cents. It was half off day and the place was packed. God only knows what kind of disease we picked up while we were in there.

After the thrift store we decided to shop in the much cleaner Target next to the thrift store. We were trying our best to spend some money, but neither one of us could manage to find anything to purchase but a couple of pretzels and an ICEE.

When we got home at 5:30p.m it was still 100 degrees outside. We hopped into our bathing suits and soaked up some evening sun.

After about an hour of lounging on my raft in the pool, Summer's little friends decided to hop on in for an evening dip. That was my cue to get out.

I came inside and checked my e-mail and made love to some Rosetta Stone (practiced my Spanish).

It is now 8:30 and Summer is still in the pool. Time to drag her out, feed her some dinner and enjoy a peaceful evening watching some "girl T.V.".

Gotta love life while it's good!


  1. Moving away gives you new routines and new things to enjoy. I could take or leave the libraries in Mobile, but love, love the ones in Cincy! Living two blocks from the library is also a big plus!

  2. Being one of those who moved from Austin to elsewhere, I can say that the change of necessary routines in the new place made me miss some and not miss others. Now that I'm older, there are things I use to do, but wouldn't dare attempt these days, and there are things I do routinely now that I never dreamed I'd do back then. Hell, I never even thought I'd move out of Austin. Of course, my memeories of life in Austin are mostly the good things, and yes, I miss them, It's called getting older, and seeking a more satisfying least something more comfortable that 100+ degree days. It's noon here, 68F, NOT RAINING, and the sky is blue. Right now, WeBo is beating Austin by a factor of 1000-to-1. Have a happy, even if sweaty, Fourth.

  3. Looks like a nice peaceful day!

    I too changed things up a lot when I moved. We moved to a smaller town, things were much quieter, but much, much more friendly on a day-to-day basis. I love it!