Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Day of Play

We had our weekly playdate today. Angela and I decided since there was a new theme at the Children's Museum and we had not been there in a while we would go there. The girls always seem to have a blast at the museum.

Although today was Toby's off day, he had worked a double shift yesterday so I just assumed that he would want to sleep in and enjoy the peace and quite of the house. He awoke as Summer and I were getting ready and decided he wanted to join us on our playdate.

Toby is one of those type guys you never mind tagging along. Aside from having to be close by a restroom, we usually got it covered with him. He never complains and goes along with most anything we want him to do. The one exception is the Goodwill. He hates Goodwills and thrift stores...he thinks they are gross. :-)

We spent four hours in the museum. The theme was "Makers". Toby ended up making a couple airplanes and cars. Everyone thought he did a pretty good job and was wanting to check out his creations. Here are some pics of us at the museum....

After we left the museum I really wanted to get some aerial pics of downtown Austin...something I have been wanting to do for a while. Most of the high rise buildings downtown are condos but I figured we could go to the top of the Frost Bank Tower skyscraper and I could find a window up there where I could get some shots.

No luck, the Frost Building is an office building so there wasn't anywhere...that I could find anyway, that I could take pictures from. The windows were all offices and I couldn't find anyone who was willing to let me snap a few pics. I'll have to search for another spot one day when it's not 110 degrees outside.

Anyway, we were all starving. Summer was in the mood for some pasta so we went to Carraba's. There was a Carraba's in Mobile too, but we had never eaten there before. As usual, in places like that the food is really good but expensive. Thank goodness for the bread or we probably would have walked away still hungry.

Something rather amusing did happen while we were eating. Our waiter was making small talk with us. We got on the conversation of us being from Mobile, Alabama. He then said..."Oh, I know Mobil. (that's how he pronounced it)that's the place that had the leprechaun sighting."

Oh my God, please no! I thought. Half way across the U.S. in Austin, Texas someone knows Mobile for being the place with the leprechaun sighting. Mobile will forever be marred by this embarrassing video. But sadly, this is what a lot of Mobile has become.

I may have already posted this video in the past, but for anyone who has never seen the leprechaun video that managed to make national news here it is.

Another great day!


  1. That looks like a really great museum! Excellent job on the airplanes...huge on the cool factor list!

    Who was that kiddo hiding under Jordan's armpit?!?

    Also...I'm a Mobile girl...never heard of the leprechaun story, thanks for sharing. I'm really excited to hear about it, I thinks I'll head on over to that there criton area next st. patty's day and spot me one of them there leprechaun men...I sure could use me a big'ol pot of gold!

  2. What a cool museum! That's something we are missing out here in the sticks.

    I really enjoy your pictures, by the way--they are always so entertaining and fun to look at!

  3. Wish our Children's Museum was this hands on. It looks like you had a fun day, and those cars and planes they made are so neat.

    It's funny the things we bring over from our childhood. Chris will not eat Mac and Cheese because of how much we had to eat as children( it was cheap and filling), now Toby doesn't like the goodwill. If mom had had to shop there for his clothes he might have a different opinion. I personally have found some great finds at the goodwill and local thrift stores. K outgrows her clothing so fast I can't afford to go buy her a new wardrobe every few months.