Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not So Much.....

I have not done my daily blogging for the past couple of days because well....there is nothing to say. No activities to make note of, no notable thoughts, ideas, or stories entering my brain....writers block I think they call it.

Sure I could post about the little mundane details of my life, but who in the hell cares?? I don't even care. They are just daily activities everyone has to fulfill.

Bear with me....hopefully my creative mind is just taking a vacation.


  1. I care! I want to know what you cooked for dinner and how many loads of laundry you did =).

  2. Inspiration will strike when you least expect it. Maybe it is just around the next corner......

  3. I hate it when that happens because it seems like it's just that much harder to get back into the practice.

    Go have a fabulously hot day--I just looked at the National Weather Service map for you guys in Texas--you poor babies!!! My Minnesota butt would keel over in that kind of weather.

  4. I care!! However, I get the writer's block thing. Is happening to me right now...