Monday, February 4, 2013

Beautiful Danger

Monday is my designated grocery store day, so off to HEB I headed after I took Bo for a short run. Summer opted to go with me again this week which I have found to be helpful lately. When she was younger she wanted to go with me and her help usually hindered me. Now that's she's older and can properly read a list and push a heavy cart around I can cut a good 15 to 20 minutes off my trip.

Before we got to the store I had to drop off some stuff  to Toby at work. About 100 feet before the turn in to his building I spotted a bill being whipped around by the wind in front of my car. I couldn't tell if it was a 1, 5, 10, or even if it may been $100, but it was definitely cash.

The area where I spotted it is heavily trafficked and is also an exit area from I-35. As the passing thought of pulling over to chase the bill and risk getting ran over entered my mind, I noticed someone else had already  beat me to the idea and was pulled off on the shoulder eyeballing it. Good Luck to them as all I thought. I would hate to know that I had risked my life for a measly dollar...but then again risking my life for $100 wouldn't have been so bad.

As far the rest of the day, I spent it making a cake I saw on Pinterest. I know, as if I needed cake but I had some Greek Yogurt that was 2 days past expiration and if it didn't get used it was going to be wasted...I don't eat yogurt plain so that was not an option. I added the yogurt to the Devil's Food cake mix in replacement of the eggs and oil as directed and baked away. It turned out delicious. I also whipped up some butter cream frosting for the top...I KNOW, I KNOW I didn't need to add the frosting either. Hopefully Toby and Summer will eat the bulk of it like usual.

I'm not sure how I will spend the rest of my evening. Most likely trying to figure out how we are going to spend our week in this beautiful weather we have been having.

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  1. We had a beautiful day here, too. But the temp has dropped to the 20's again and I have a fire going. Good call on the yogurt, you cannot waste it!!