Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dragon Dance

I'm posting this immediately after I have just viewed my brother's beautiful pics on FB from his Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebration in Saigon. Although I'm sure the Chinese New Year celebration we witnessed at Austin's Chinatown Center can't be compared, we still had a good time. You have to take what you can get.

When we first got there it was really crowded and people were already gathered around the dragon dance area. I was a bit annoyed because the dragon dance is the only reason I attend the celebration and I certainly didn't want to miss it.

We watched what we could see for awhile and eventually moved on......

Summer had spotted some dragon looking marionettes that some other children had - I know they probably have a specific name but I have no idea what it may be - and wanted to search them out.

We found the area where the marionette thingies were and purchased a couple of for Toby and one for Summer.

Luck was on our side and by the time we made our purchase the dragon dance people were headed in our direction to do more blessings. We got a first row view of the dances and firecrackers this time....

After we watched the second dance and blessing Toby said he he had seen a couple items in the store that he wanted to purchase before we left.

By the time we left the celebration we had spent approximately $250 on trinkets. Apparently their blessings work. I told Toby he could have bought that stuff in Vietnam for a fraction of the price he paid for them there and he replied...."Am I going to be in Vietnam anytime soon?"....Guess he had a point there.


  1. Well, Sis, you guys have a place to stay if you ever do come out to visit! I wish I had thought to buy you guys some trinkets while we were in Saigon... I guess it all just seems like junk after you have been here for a while.

    1. Oh, don't worry brother it is all junk, some junk is just more interesting and prettier than other junk. :-)