Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cyber Friends

Through my five year blogging history I have made a few of what I call my "bloggy friends".  In the land of blog it's like a small community of bloggers you connect with. Even though I have never met them personally, there are a select few that I feel like I know and connect with just from reading their blogs.

I know one loves frogs, sewing and gardening, the other loves nature, cats and spirituality, one enjoys the more scientific and analytic side of life...etc.

Ultimately, we all have at least one thing in common., we publish our most personal thoughts and emotions on our online diary for the whole world to read. For some people blogging is considered an intimidating, questionable and frightening thing.

Today I received a gift in the mail from one of my bloggy friends who lives on a totally different continent than I do. I am always grateful for the kindness my friends bestow on me and I was equally grateful for the kindness of someone who only knows me via my blog.

A heartfelt card and some owl print table placemats were waiting in my mailbox this afternoon all the way from Australia....

On another note, not much else been going on here lately. We did come upon by accident a nice garden center in Elgin called Bloomers while out and about today. I was impressed and came home with a Texas Red Lantana, some tomato, bell pepper, and jalapeno plants.

I spent the afternoon digging around in the dirt underneath the warmth of the sun. Perfect meditation.

Yesterday I got in the mood to sew and I'm in need of replenishing my quilting fabrics so I opted for a small project and whipped up this little bag just for fun...

Not much planned for the weekend, but maybe doing some much needed spring cleaning. Fun.

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