Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Show Me Love

On the way home from my morning run this morning I stopped to let Bo get his last sniff and pee in when I heard an owl "who". I thought at first I was hearing things because owl's don't typically "who" during the day. I perked my ears and heard it again nearby. I listened. I heard it once again and began to search it out.

I finally saw it in a deciduous leaf barren tree in the yard right across the street from where I was stopped. There he was just sitting on that bare branch whooing away in broad daylight. I watched him for a little bit wondering what his motive was for whooing during the day before heading  home.

I let Summer sleep in late this morning. We all deserve to sleep in a bit late from time to time. Around 11:00am. I finally went and snuggled up to her in the bed to awaken her. Snuggling with her in the bed felt so good. The wind was blowing fiercely outside with weather advisories and fire hazard warnings and all I could think about was how SO GRATEFUL I was  to be snuggling up against my little girl in a a warm bed chatting away about the dreams she had the night before and her plans for the day. These are sort of things life is made for....what my life is made for.

With my recent camera woes I decided to do a little playing with my phone camera and a camera app. I have never really used my phone camera much and never really considered it a camera source for picture manipulation like cropping and editing. I was surprised that I could do so much more than I thought I could so I've been doing some experimenting with it lately.

These are a couple of pics I took the other morning at the park when I took Bo for a walk.....

Here is the evening sunset....

I also took some time out this week to clean out my small garden area. Summer, Bo, and I had a good time....Summer sifting and digging in the dirt and Bo stalking and eating the grub worms. I was glad to finally get it ready for a couple tomato plants, some bell pepper, and some jalapenos. We'll see how it goes. I had really good luck with tomatoes last year so I'm hoping that same luck will spill over into this year.....

The wind storm we had yesterday was pretty rough. The winds topped out at 52 mph in our area. I noticed many people had lost shingles off their roof and most everybody had at least one fence panel down..some more. I was glad that everything in our yard and on our roof stayed in tact. I also was glad I had elected not to put my veggies into the ground yet!!!

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