Monday, February 11, 2013


I confess, aside from the short morning run I took Bo on, I spent most of my day laid up on my sofa underneath a blanket with my Ipad., watching T.V., and crocheting. Do I feel guilty? No, I don't.

It started to rain about noon and we actually had a few rumbles of thunder along with it. Thunder is such a rarity here that when it rumbled Bo jumped up and started barking at the unidentified noise coming from the sky.

I found it rather comforting even though it didn't last long. It reminded me of my young adult days in Mobile when I would awaken to rain, thunder and lightening and call in sick to work only to stay home curled up in my bed all day reading my latest Harlequin Romance. None of my personal romances have ever been as heated as the ones I read about in Harlequin. Maybe it's just me...

I wasn't all that useless today. I did manage to make a new menu and grocery list for my next grocery store trip and  spent some time in the kitchen making peanut butter cookies and and quinoa fritters.

As slack as I was, it felt good to laze around. I'm still not feeling up to par so resting my body felt good. I'll be good to go for whatever the rest of the week has to offer me after a good days rest.

One last thing. I had an odd dream about my mother last night...or I believe it must have been early this morning.

I was standing at the foot of the steps of the house we used to live in on Gill Road when I was a child. I looked up at the top of the stairs and there stood my mother in a black outfit. There was a female child standing next to her that I didn't recognize at the moment in a bright yellow dress.

My mother and the girl started to walk down the steps toward me and once she got the bottom she said to me.."I was told to come and get you." I hugged her and was sobbing into her shoulder telling her how much I missed her and when I stood back to wipe my tears I noticed the girl in the bright yellow dress standing next to her. I focused on the girl and realized the girl that had been with her was me - myself when I was about Summer's age.  I also recognized the dress to be one I remembered to wear as a child.  Once I realized the girl with my mother was me, I immediately awoke with the tears still rolling down my face.

I had to kind of  "shake my head" once I awoke to figure out where I was in reality...still dreaming or awake. When I awoke it was early dawn so I lay awake thinking about the dream about my mother and the smells of the day before. Were they all related? Was my mind just making scenarios? Why was my mother told to "Come Get Me" in my dream??

I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was still "alive" and that I wasn't in some other reality that I just haven't realized yet. I don't feel like I am going to die anytime soon, but then again nobody actually really knows
                  they are  
                                passing on....

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