Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How Annoying

I do my best to keep an open mind and realize that people can't always live up to the expectations I have of of us ALL as a human species and most of the time I can rationalize or excuse most behaviors but I do have a few "pet peeves" that frequently test my patience in mankind.

Here they are in no specific order.....

Kids who tease a dog through a fence.  The animal always gets blamed/punished when the child gets bit.  Of course the animal bit you! It doesn't use deductive reasoning like humans SHOULD be doing.

People who keep shopping away while their obviously past nap time curtain climber is screaming or whining their ass off while mom/dad is totally ignoring it and keep browsing. Take that screaming ass kid home for a nap because people like me don't want to listen to it.

Taking up two parking spaces or being parked so crooked that you are taking up two spaces. I have actually visually hunted down the culprit once in a Jack in the Box once for this particular offense.

People that play their music so loud the whole neighborhood can hear it. Really?? You may like your music and I even may like it, but that doesn't mean that I want to hear it full blast for the duration of your party.

Incorrect grammar usage when speaking.  Example: I ain't got nothin'. Just writing about this one pisses me off. Once again, I want to thank my parents for that expensive education they blessed me with for this particular pet peeve.

People that give vague FB statuses. Example: They are nothing but fish bait for an invitation for people to ask questions or feel sorry for them. Grow up, nobody really cares what anybody posts on their status anyway....unless it really is something worth mentioning.

People that pollute. If I see it in progress I usually will pick up the discarded trash, hand it to them and point towards the nearest garbage can.

When you can't tell if someone is male or female. My daughter at one time has fallen into this category so I have an extra annoyance for it now. I have seen more than my share of these types in Austin. It bugs me only because I don't know how to address the person if I don't know their gender. Please just be one or the other...I don't care which.

People who bring their sick kids out in public - especially a restaurant - to hack or puke.

People who let their little dogs roam the neighborhood  thinking just because they are little they aren't annoying. I still have to pick their tiny shit up out of my yard and watch my ankles as I walk down the street.

When people refuse to be the decision maker about something simple (which restaurant, which move, etc.) Why do I always have to wear the pants as far as decisions are concerned? Let me guess, so I get the blame when it's a failure. Wimps.

People who refer to everything good that happens because of  "prayer" or "god was watching over". Things happen, good and bad every day. The ebbs and flows of life..plain and simple. No magic involved.

When somebody uses all but a smidgen of food or drink and puts it back in the pantry/fridge. If you are not going to leave enough for the next person you may as well just finish it off.

People who leave their Christmas lights up until February or beyond. If you don't plan on taking them down, please don't bother to put them up.

People who complain out loud while waiting in a long line at a store. It's just an invitation to be invited into their bitch-fest and I don't care to be drawn into their public display of drama.

People who misspell something on FB and then immediately correct themselves on the next if the reader isn't smart enough to figure it out.  I guess they are just making sure we knew that they KNEW how to spell that word. Insecurity at it's best.

People who post endless pics of their kids doing the most mundane things or boast about how special their kids are. I can guarantee you that only YOU think your kids are that special and wonderful so keep it to yourself as far as FB is concerned. An occasional or special pic is acceptable but a pic a day of your kid is not necessary.

People who are over the age of 21 and use the words "dude", "man", "cat", or other teenage lingo word. Makes me cringe every time. Matter of fact, right along with incorrect grammar usage.

When I go to check out of a department store and they ask me for my email address and phone number and ramble on about store policies and updating the system, blah, blah, blah. Just let me pay for my purchase peacefully without asking me a million questions or giving me information about how the store functions. I don't care about how the store functions I just want to make my purchase and get out of there.

I know there are many more, these are just a few that I had to get off my chest.

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  1. Couple of funny ones there. I most relate to the "making choices" one. I refuse to pick a seat in the restaurant when I eat with my lifelong partner because no matter what rationale, reasoning, or algorithm I use, I get directed to another table. She refuses to be led to a table by the staff because she thinks they are duping her into the cheap seats. Sometimes I just stand at the entrance and let her do the advance work.... When she chooses, I ask "are you sure?" Once I get the okay, I proceed.