Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lucid Truth

I'm beginning to feel like a broken record, but for the sake of my online diary I will rehash every boring moment of my day.

Took Bo for another long run. The weather was beautiful..perfect, and it felt good.

Made lunch...Mexican Pizza's, Toby's favorite.

I spent some more time outdoors today. With a tall glass of ice water I sat under my canopy-less gazebo and soaked in the warmth of the sun and watched the jets/planes fly overhead. We seem to be in the flight path of both the Executive Airport and the ABIA airport so I see plenty of air traffic throughout the day and night.

Since I was a small child, I've always been obsessed with watching flying machines. When my son was little I used to take him to the regional airport in Mobile. There was a large glass enclosure that allowed you to watch the planes land and take off. I was never sure who enjoyed watching the planes or him. Ironically, he now works in the airplane industry.

Looking back I think my obsession of planes came from my childhood of living very near a military airport. The huge navy planes would fly over so low across our house that you could see the writing on them. Me and my brother would play "army' with them. You could hear them coming with their low roaring engines from a distance and once we heard them we would run and hide. Once they appeared overhead we would run out with our plastic weapons and shoot at them. Because they were doing exercises they would fly over numerous times in the afternoon. It was one of my favorite childhood games and I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Anyway, I also did some more mental planning for my backyard. I also dug up an "Elephant Ear" and relocated it to a shadier spot. Of course, Bo was right beside me making sure he didn't miss out on any grub worm that may have been hiding in the freshly dug soil.

This evening I had an itch to sew, or more likely I was bored stiff and needed something to do with my hands so I whipped up this....ummmm, whatever. It could be a lap quilt, a wall hanging, or a table cloth??? It doesn't matter really, it kept me occupied for a couple of hours so I didn't go insane.

Yep, that was it for my day.

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