Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hear Me Scream

It's probably not the best idea to put words into written form when highly agitated, but my blog is not only my online diary but a form of therapy. I don't have many outlets for my moody personality and if I weren't able to vent I have the potential to make decisions that aren't socially acceptable.

I woke up this morning and did my usual morning routine...drink a cup of coffee while checking e-mail and seeing what sort of ridiculous shit people have posted on FB - I told you I was in a mood so don't act so surprised.

As I was scanning FB I noticed KXAN had posted about the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup at the Capitol. On initial reading I thought it was a little amusing....rattlesnakes at the Texas State Capitol, how fitting. As I read on it described how they were giving demonstrations on what to do if you walk up on a rattler, letting you pet them, and the importance of them in our environment. I immediately decided that would be our activity for the day. It was perfect. Sounded like fun and it would be educational for us all.

I had it all planned out and everybody was agreeable until Toby was spouting off so many other things he needed to get done for the day (work and errand related). I knew we didn't have time to get everything he needed to get done AND see the snakes so being the accomodating wife I am I  suggested we wait and go to the rattlesnakes tomorrow. Tomorrow will be their last show until next year.

After we got home Toby checked the weather and lo and behold we have a 80% chance of rain tomorrow. Where in the hell did that come from??? It never rains in Central Texas. I was envisioning us watching the rattlesnakes with the warm sun enveloping us as we watched the show on the rotunda of the capitol not underneath an umbrella in the rain. I really wanted to see those damn rattlesnakes!!!

I got annoyed about that and the rest of the day just went downhill in my mind. You know how you get annoyed about something and everything else that follows just seems to be like an avalanche of annoyances in your mind????? In the whole scheme of things I know it's not really a big deal but I really wanted to see those rattlesnakes!!!!

Later on in the evening Bo comes upstairs while I am sewing and just STARES at me. I know there is something he is wanting...most likely leftover food that Toby and Summer have been eating downstairs. Why in the hell can't they just put the god damn plate down for him to lick after they eat????????????  Why does he have to come upstairs and ask me? Why can't they be aware of anything but themselves and their devices? After all, they picked the god damn dog out!!!  It's not Bo's fault. He's just going to the person he knows will respond to his needs.

So then I go to the door and holler at them to give him their scraps as I muttered idiots under my breath. Later on I go downstairs and Toby's ass is asleep on the sofa, Summer is hoarding MY IPAD as usual and there are dirty napkins, trash, snot rags, and plates all over the floor. Then I go to the kitchen and apparently Toby had given Bo some kind of sauce that he had smeared all of the kitchen rug.

At that moment I wanted to tell them all exactly what I thought of them, but instead I made me a much needed vodka and grapefruit and headed back upstairs. I already feel better.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more exciting day.


  1. Funny, I could just as easily heard Mom say what you just wrote. Are you channeling?

  2. LOL!! Funny, I felt like mom while I was writing it too!!