Thursday, February 14, 2013

Laughter Crescendo

Today was awesome! I had absolutely the best hike I have had in a while at Southeast Metropolitan Park.

I thought I was taking us somewhere we had never been before but once I arrived I immediately recognized it as a place Robin had taken me to hike a couple of years ago.

Toby and I could hike for miles and when Summer was as young as 4 years old she would hike miles right along with us without even a peep or complaint. Now that she is older we have to be careful to choose hiking destinations where there are things along the way that are intriguing for an older child. We are always safe with our choice as long as there is access to water.

Luckily the trail head map designated a couple of pond areas that splintered off the of larger main loop trail. Although Toby and I were lusting after the large main loop trail we knew that Summer had the potential of being a burden to us if we took the large loop, so we stuck with the splinters that lead to the ponds...


A nice lookout to stop and rest....

As I said, we weren't planning on taking the long loop but in the end decided that it looked too alluring not to. The trails were some of the best I have ever hiked for a good workout with a mixture of fairly steep up and down hills along the way to give us some physical challenge. There were also some bridges throughout  the loop that broke up the hike a bit...

Getting a running start up the hill

Digging for usual

Downtown Austin....wayyyy in the distance

We finally made it around to where the second pond was. Bo and Summer sure were glad. Bo immediately jumped in for a cool off and a drink of water and Summer for some play and a rest....

Almost there.......

One last rest

Although we all can easily manage a 3 mile loop, this one felt like it was 10 miles because of the hilly terrain. Secretly I was glad to see the end of the trail. That said, it felt good and I had a blast therefore I'm considering this to be one of my Top 10 hikes in Austin.

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