Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ping Pong

Feeling a bit "gutty" lately, I hopped on the scale to check out the situation and there it was staring me in the face, I have picked up an extra 7 lbs. from somewhere...hmmm....let me guess, could it possibly be my addiction to Coke that I can't seem to get control of???

I remember my mother having a strong affection for Coke at one time and even referring to herself as a "Cokeaholic" She eventually "kicked the habit" and refused to drink it ever again and instead replaced it with sweet tea.

Luckily, I have the type of metabolism that it's as easy to get rid of pounds as it is to gain them. I have to make note to keep better tabs on my calorie intake.

In light of this new weight gain situation I didn't turn Toby down when he suggested we take the longest (and with the most inclines) neighborhood route this morning.

It was such a BEAUTIFUL, sunny, warm morning that I spent some time outside pruning some bushes and plants after my run.

After I got Toby off to work I spent some time browsing Pinterest for my weekly menu plan while half-heartily watching Test Kitchen. I learn a lot of useful tips and tricks watching PBS cooking shows.

Quite honestly after that I was something I hardly ever say or claim to be...BORED! Not that I didn't have anything that could have been done, but it was such a beautiful day I just hated to waste it doing chores. I really wanted to be out hiking a trail or sightseeing somewhere, but Toby was at work and Summer was occupied with the neighborhood kids.

So I sat....then I drank, and now here I sit -  drinking and writing.

What a waste of a beautiful day.

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