Sunday, February 10, 2013

Free Fallin'

This morning I felt like crap. As the day wore on I have morphed into feeling like shit. Really, I'm just being a little dramatic. I don't feel up to par, but I'm certainly nowhere near my deathbed. I'm assuming it's seasonal allergies stemming from my outdoor activities the past couple of days. That's what I'm betting on anyway.

I was glad that I had gotten the brunt of my weekend chores done yesterday so that I had time to finish up a couple of quilts that are acceptable enough to try and sell, but before I do anything I think I may have to break down and buy me a decent camera. The underwater camera I use for my day to day photos does no justice when it comes to giving something an accurate representation.

Last night I had an odd experience. I woke up a couple of times during the night and each time I awoke there was an overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke. Not like someone was smoking, but like a person smells when they have been smoking in an enclosed area or in a club filled with smoke.

The second time I awoke and still smelled it I thought maybe Toby had gave a smoking co-worker a ride home in his truck and they smoked a cigarette, or that maybe he had went out with some co-workers after work as he sometimes does and got in the path of some smoke. I rolled over closer to him and took in a whiff of his body but couldn't smell anything but, well....Toby.

This morning I asked him if he had been around any smokers the night before or if he had went out anywhere that would make him reek of cigarette smoke and he said "no".

Later on today as I was thinking about the mystery of the cigarette smoke I remembered that last night while I was preparing dinner I was enveloped in an overwhelming smell of  familiar strong perfume. I didn't think anything about it at first and just assumed that maybe Summer had sprayed some perfume upstairs where she was.

The smell left as soon as it entered my nostrils, then about 5 minutes later it was back so I hollered upstairs to Summer and asked her if she was spraying perfume and she replied.."No, I'm on the computer!".  As I was trying to figure out where the smell was coming from I realized it was the smell of Wind Song perfume my mom used to wear. She used to wear it to church or if she was going somewhere special and every time I smelled it on her I would tell her how bad I thought it

Anyway, it made me think about this disease I heard about not long ago, where people would smell weird stuff that nobody else could smell. I can't remember where I saw it or what the name of the disease was but I  did take a little time out to google the syndrome and this is what I came up with.

The rest of my evening will be spent attempting to remember how to crochet properly. Such and exciting life.

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