Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Today was one of those non-stop days. Although usually very tiring, I find that I feel most productive on those busy days. I am not a lazy person by far...well maybe sometimes, and enjoy being out and about doing things or even doing productive things around the house.

I like the feel of accomplishment. Today was one of those days where I felt every part of my life was flowing. My house was clean, I got to spend some time outdoors working on my yard, and the family was happy and content.

We had an afternoon playdate today. The day was very humid with very little breeze. We stopped at the little stream in the park and the girls and I took our shoes off to wade around in the cool water. It felt wonderful. I love the sound of water whether it be from the waves of the ocean or the trickling of a stream. Staying in touch with nature relaxes my whole mind and body.

We also saw a few rabbits running around in broad daylight at the edge of the stream. As you probably have guessed by now, this is one of the few days I did not bring my camera along. I should have learned my lesson by now....Note to self: ALWAYS bring my camera 'cause I never know what I'm gonna see.

After we left the park Summer and I stopped by the Manor Farmers Market. I love fresh veggies and I like to support local farmers when I can. Unfortunately, I guess none of my favorites are in season so we walked away empty handed.

When I got home I finished up cleaning out the flower beds around my trees. The task was really easy until I ran into an underground fire ant bed. The ants were as determined to keep their home as I was to clear my bed....I think the ants may have won. I have fire ant bites all over my hands and arms AND their bed is still there.

The final step in my yard project was planting my hosta's. Now I just have to wait for them to grow.

Several months ago we had found a den of baby rabbits. One had been severely wounded by the neighborhood cat. We had taken the baby rabbit to the Austin Wildlife Rescue so they could nurse him back to health. There was one bunny left in the den. Summer and I kept our eye on him during the day. Probably not a good idea, but we would take him out of his nest and hold and pet him.

Eventually the little rabbit was was old enough to strike out on his own. Shortly after he joined the wild, we would notice a rabbit that would come into the yard and just hang out. Once, I even got close enough to touch him. I know this had to the bunny that we watched over. There is no way any other wild rabbit would be so tame.

So anyway, at dusk last night Summer and I were about to head inside for the night. We spotted a rabbit in the yard hopping towards us. We started walking slowly toward him...I know this had to be our bunny. I went inside and got him some lettuce and he hopped right up to us and took the lettuce. I guess he must remember where he was born and that we were nice humans. :-)

It had been a long day and I was looking forward to getting inside and relaxing a bit. No sooner had I got inside and started to settle there was a knock at the door. I really don't like to ignore neighbors when they knock on the door. I would hate if they really needed something and I wasn't available to help them out.

Yet, I wasn't in any mood for idle chit-chat.....especially with my crazy neighbor down the road. My goodness, it was 9:00 p.m at night and she was just beginning her evening. Like I have said before, there is some part of me that sees the loneliness in this woman's life so I bit the bullet and came back outside to chat with her while her kids played with Summer. I figured it was already 9:00pm, what was another 30 minutes?

Needless to say, once I got inside and got Summer and I a bath we both hit the sack. I am very grateful for days like these and look forward to many more to come.

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  1. Sorry about your ant bites. Poor Centi! What is it like to have a clean house? lol. . .I want to have a day like yours!!!!!!