Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Day in Georgetown, Texas Part 2

After hanging out at the Blue Hole for a while we went in search of someplace to cool ourselves off from the heat. We never did end up getting wet but we did find a park with some flashback memories of Mobile, Alabama. The San Gabriel Park Creative Playscape is deemed by the Texas Monthly as the best playscape in Texas. The playscape is almost an exact replica of the one at Medal of Honor Park in Alabama with only a few slight differences.

The park also has the San Gabriel River that runs through it along with a couple of other pieces of playground equipment. Keep in mind that Central Texas is in the middle of an exceptional drought so all the lake and rivers here are suffering a bit.

I think this duck is trying to hide from us...

It was a very nice day for us all until we were headed home. We ended up getting stuck in I-35 traffic with no other alternatives to get home. Certain family members..I'm not going to name names, get very irritable when they are stuck in traffic for long periods of time. :-)

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