Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday May 12, 2009

Today was Toby's day off. We didn't have anything big planned at all. We were just going with the flow and enjoying being together.

Toby had to take a trip downtown for tattoo supplies so I figured while we were downtown we could check out one of the hundreds of parks that we have not yet visited in the downtown area. One I had seen passing by before was Metz Park. It looked really nice and it's right on Lake Austin.

We checked it out right before lunchtime so we only investigated a small section of the park. I also was detecting a bit of lethargy in Summer which is unusual when we are out and about at new places. I assumed that she was probably just ready for some lunch.

Here are a few snaps of the park:

After we left the park as we were heading to the supply store Toby said "Hey! There's that place I saw on the Travel Channel!" That answered our question about what we were going to eat for lunch...Juan in a Million. I figured if it was on the Travel Channel Man vs. Food. it had to be a pretty good eating destination. (I LOVE the Travel Channel)

I have to say the food was pretty delicious. I ordered one chicken taco and it was big enough to fill me up.

As we were eating I started to figure out Summer was not up to par. She was freezing in the restaurant and it was definitely not cold in there. She started coughing a little yesterday, but otherwise seemed fine. When we got home she went straight to her bed and got underneath the covers.....THIS IS HIGHLY UNUSUAL. She was sporting a low grade fever. "Sigh"...I guess I am thankful that she waited until after our weekend getaway but it sure does suck that it will put a damper on our play date tomorrow. Both of us always look so forward to our weekly play dates. Hopefully she will be better by Thursday.......

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  1. Sorry your little girl isn't feeling well--isn't that the pits in the nice days of Spring and Summer? Bleah.

    Looks like you guys had some fun anyhow!