Sunday, May 24, 2009

Manor Chip Festival

I always love a good festival. Although festivals in the Austin area boast to be free, they usually end up costing a pretty penny at the end of the day. If you have kids you always get pulled into playing games, riding rides, or buying food or drinks. On any given weekend you will have a few festivals to choose from. I have learned to be picky about the festivals that I attend because of the monetary reasons.

If at all possible, I always try to make the Manor festivals. They are usually not quite so pricey and never overcrowded but still chocked full of the same amount of fun as the larger festivals in the area.

This weekend it was the Manor Chip Festival. Initially, I thought it had something to do with potato chips. Upon further study I found out it has something to do with computer chips. The festival is held on the Manor New Tech High School grounds - also where the T.V. show "Friday Night Lights", was partially filmed on the Manor Mustangs football field.

Just as a side note I would like to say that even though I homeschool my daughter for now, I have done a little research on this particular high school and I am impressed. If I ever made the decision to send her to public high school, Manor Tech would be the one.

There were the usual things there - vendors, games, crafts, food, etc. Toby and I got us some samples of different salsa's. Let me just say that our mouths were on fire by the time we left. We had to get us a greasy, sugary funnel cake just to counteract the fire in our mouths.

Here are some pics of our day..

Summer was a good shot at the dunking booth. She not only dunked the guy once...

but twice...

Here she is making a visor.....

here is the finished product....

After the festival we were off to price compare shop for webcams and weed eaters/edgers. It was a pleasant and relaxing day.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, adorable baby animals is always a winner. Love the visor too.

  2. Maybe we should take our chickens on the road!