Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday May 30, 2009

Summer has been bugging me all week about the local pool opening at East Metro Park. Last year the pool was one of our favorite activities. Conveniently located only a couple of miles from the house it is a perfect source of cooling off from the intense sun of summer.

Not really being a big fan of "swimming in urine" I don't usually like public pools. However, this particular pool is usually not crowded which makes me feel less tainted. Toby and I also like to use the pool as a source of exercise in the hot summer months. Although swimming looks easy, it is a killer workout.

Here are a some pics of Toby and Summer enjoying the pool...

After swimming for a while, it didn't take long for our breakfast to wear off. We dropped by the house, changed into dry clothes and headed to the Good Luck Grill. It's one of our favorite local restaurants. It sure was good for our ravenous appetites!

On a different note, yesterday we had bought a new weed that included the edger. This piece of equipment proved to be more of a toy to Summer and I...which I am sure Toby is glad about. It's lightweight and easy to use. I think Summer's new chore is going to be edging the yard. She was doing as good a job as Toby and I were doing.

Lastly, we have been on sort of the lookout for another smaller dog. We have not found anything that has met our (mostly my) criteria. Well, the other day I noticed the neighbor kids playing with a puppy. I walked outside and asked them where they got it from.

Obviously, the pup had been dropped off by someone. She was full of fleas and very hungry and thirsty. I'll be honest, initially I had no interest in "adopting" her. I could tell by her paws that she will be a larger dog. Plus, the neighbor kids were intent on keeping her...even though their mom wasn't real wild about the idea and has made no real effort in caring for her.

Over the past few days, the kids have been taking care of her. When the neighbors aren't home, Summer and I do our part feeding, watering, and playing with her. This morning Summer and I gave her a bath. She was infested with fleas. So far, I guess you could just call her the "neighborhood yard dog."

She is a very sweet and very easy to love. She looks at you as though she understands exactly what you are saying to her and that she understands what's going on. Somehow, I can't stop thinking that the universe has sent me what I was asking for and now I am being ambivalent because she's not EXACTLY what I was asking for. Like I would know better what I need than the universe does......

I guess it doesn't matter now anyway. The neighbor kids now think that she is theirs. I don't think they would take to kindly to me just swooping in and taking the dog away from them. Not to mention last night Toby named thousands of reasons why we couldn't keep the pup ourselves.

Anyway, here are some pics of the pup.....

Scratching fleas....

It was a nice Saturday. I am always grateful for days that include family, fun, and relaxation. :-)


  1. Oh my gosh what a cute puppy! I think she was meant for you. The neighbors will tire of her and then you can swoop!

    Your little girl is so cute - what a great helper. I miss having my girls little, it goes so quick. I know you've heard that a million times - but it's so true.

  2. I love how you spend your Saturday. I am in love with this dog! Thank you for sharing those very sweet pictures of your children.

  3. Awww...a very lucky dog indeed to be dropped in your neighbourhood! Tell Summer my lawn needs edging too!

  4. aw, the puppy is so cute! maybe you should talk to the other mom. If she wasn't intent on keeping her & has not made any effort, then maybe you should be the one!

  5. Oh! That pup is so cute!

    I know what you mean about pools. My hubby has a CPO (Certified Pool Operator)license and his pool is the only one I'd willingly swim in because he's very thorough. If it smells heavily of chlorine it's NOT GOOD--that means that all of the chlorine has been bound with yucky stuff and you are floating in the excess. Ugh.

  6. Cute puppy. As she grows the neighbors may be less enchanted with her. Everybody loves puppies. I got my little grandson's dog and was determined to not be taken with the little guy.....but you know how that goes. Now the dog has a blog. There is a link on my blog and you can see the homely little guy there. He does have a very sweet nature, though.