Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Day Trip to Lockhart, Texas

Although it was my grocery store/errand day, I totally blew it off and went out and had some fun. One thing that really irks me is using up a beautiful day on chores.

I rationalized by telling myself that surely Lockhart has an HEB too. I figured after our sightseeing, we could just do our grocery shopping there before we headed back to Austin.

Well, even though Lockhart did have an HEB, we never made it there. My grocery store trip has been postponed until tomorrow. O'well, no biggie. There were more important things to do....HAVE FUN.

Lockhart is about 30 miles south of Austin and known as the Barbecue Capital of Texas. My goal is to visit every small town in the surrounding area of Austin....as long as there is something that attracts me to it.

Once we found the Welcome Center and got some good info on the city we set out on our tour. The first place we stopped was historic downtown Lockhart. It felt a little odd to be in such a small downtown after getting use to a larger downtown area like Austin's.

The first place we visited was the Lockhart Courthouse. It claims to be the most photographed building in Texas. I can see why....isn't it a beautiful building??

After our short visit to the downtown area we made our way to the Dr. Eugne Clark Library. We wanted to check out the museum that the library housed. Unfortunately, it seemed that the museum was hosting some sort of luncheon so weren't allowed in.

It seemed that we may have taken our day trip on the wrong day. There were a couple of museums that we wanted to tour but they were all closed during the week.

The day was not all wasted though. We did get to check out the well known Texas Hatters.

We also checked out the Lockhart State Park. It's a nice quite peaceful park. The guy at the Welcome Center told us you could view downtown from the top of the state park. If you could, we never found it. Here are some pics of the summit..

Here are few miscellaneous interesting pics of our day:

I spotted this very interesting bug and couldn't resist taking a snap of him. I have never seen one colored like him/her before. I will have to research him later..

I love moss. I don't see much of it here in Texas, but it was very plentiful in the park. I came close to snagging some and taking it home and throwing it on my baby oaks. For whatever reason, I resisted.

We also spotted a bird that we finally determined was a Turkey...still not sure though. What do you think???

This one is a funny one. I haven't seen prisoner outfits like this one since the oldie movies.

Believe it or not, we left Lockhart without even trying any of their famous barbecue! We will be back though. We plan on attending the Chisolm Trail Roundup in June where we will visit the museums we missed out on and test out the great barbecue!

I know I will pay the consequences of slacking off today, but it was well worth it. I'm sure I will recover.


  1. The prisoner pic made me chuckle...That is pretty funny seeing the stereotypical prisoner uniforms that I haven't seen since Bugs Bunny cartoons! :-)

  2. Looks more like a buzzard to me, usually turkeys won't even let you get anywhere near them.

  3. What with all the bbq in Lockhart, the only one, the original good eatin' place is Smitty's. Just off the town's square. Y'all will just love walking in past those great fires and ovens.

  4. Hmmm, I gotta disagree. We have turkeys in the yard all the time and while they're not exactly likely to come up and kiss us, they do stay in the yard. Could be a turkey. Could be a buzzard (never seen one, live in MN!)but I gotta hazard that it could in fact be a turkey.
    Awesome day!

  5. The beetle is a ironclad. Even looked it up.

  6. I'm about 5 miles outside of Lockhart and I have to agree with Buddy, looks like you snapped a photo of a buzzard. We have turkey come through the property all the time and I have seen my fair share of roadside buzzard parties. My money is on the buzzard. See ya at the roundup :o). The BBQ cook off will satisfy that need for the best BBQ in Texas!

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