Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kids Grow Up Fast....Sometimes Faster Than You Think

The other day I reached over and lovingly stroked Summer's leg. I noticed that her leg felt a little prickly. I asked her why her legs felt so rough. She said very nonchalantly.."Oh, probably because I need to shave them again." WHAT! She is eight years old! My daughter has been shaving her legs and I didn't know about it? And without any cuts?? How did this sort of thing come about?

When she was younger and we could both still fit into the bathtub together, she would always insist on shaving my legs for me. I guided her and told her how to do it so as she would not slice my legs open. I guess she figured if she mastered shaving her momma's legs than she could do her own.

As a preteen, I can vividly remember wanting to shave my legs. I asked my mother on several different occasions if I could shave my legs. All the other girls in my eighth grade class were doing it. It was like a big wearing makeup or wearing high heels.

Mom always said no. Being the rebellious sort of child I was, one day without permission, I took it upon myself to shave my legs. I'm not a hairy person at all so I figured my mom would never be able to tell I had shaved my legs.

My defiance backfired on me as my inexperience with a razor showed as a bleeding gash on my ankle. I was really surprised that I didn't get into trouble for this one! My mom showed me how to work the razor, and from that day on I was a shaven member of my eighth grade classroom.

Thank goodness my daughter hasn't wanted to wear makeup yet. I can remember the clown look I used to have when I first started experimenting with makeup. I actually really believed it looked good on me....ughhhh.

Yes, my little girl is growing up. Before you know it she will be budding those little mosquito bites called breast.

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  1. I'm with ya on the makeup! It's amazing how I went from gloppy-tons-of-makeup to despising it!